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Printer Chips & Chip Resetter Back
Canon PFI-101/102/103/104/105/106/107 chip
Canon PFI-102MBK x 2, 102BK x 1, 102C x 1, 102M x 1 , 102Y x 1
for printer IPF-510 600 605 610 650 655 700 710 720 LP-17 LP-24
PFI 106 BK,C,M,Y,PC,PM ,MBK,GY,PGY,G,R,B 12 color for printer 6400/6450/6410/6460,
PFI 106(BK,C,M,Y PC,PM, MK , GY 8 color for printer IPF6400S/6410S

Combo Chip for with Battery for T2991-T2994
Use for printer
XP-235 XP-245 XP-247 XP-332 XP-335
XP-342 XP-345 XP-432 XP-435 XP-442

Combo Chip for T2711-T2714 / 2701 - 2704
Use for printer
WorkForce WF-3620DWF / WF-3640DTWF/ WF-7110DTW
WF-7610DWF/ WF-7620DTWF

Combo Chip with Battery for T2881-T2884 / 288XL1 - T288XL4
Use for printer
Expression Home XP-330 /XP 430/XP 434 (America/Canada)
Remark: 24 reset limited

Combo Chip for ciss V6.2 with Battery available for 4 color printer
T1351/T1332-T1334 for T25/TX123/TX125/TX133/TX135
T1321/T1332-T1334 for T22/TX120/TX130
1381/T1332-T1334 for TX320F/TX420W/TX235W/TX430W
T1401-T1404 for TX560WD/TX620FWD/T40WD/T42WD
1241-1244 / 1251-1254 /1261-1264 / 1271-1274
1281-1284 / 1291-1294 / 1301-1304
1331-1334 / 1381-1384

Combo Chip for ciss V6.2 with Battery available for 5 color printer
T1291+1291-1294 For BX320FW
1251+T1251-1254 For Workforce 520
T1381+1381/T1402-T1404 For TX525FW

Combo chip for ciss V6.0N6 available for 6 color printer
T0821N-T0826N for TX700/TX800/T50/TX710W/TX650/TX810FW/TX820FWD/R270/R290
T0791-T0796 for 1400/PX700W/PX800FW/P50
T0981-T0986 for Artisan 600700/800/710/810/725/835/837/730
T0801-T0806 for P50/PX710W/PX810W/ PX650W/PX700W/PX800FW/R265/R360/RX585/RX560
T0811-T0816 for TX700/TX800/T50/TX710W/TX650/TX810FW/TX820FWD, RX615/R270/R290

Combo chip for ciss V6.0N4 available for 4 color printer
T0731N-T0734N for C79/C90/CX5500CX5600/ CX6900F/CX7300/CX8300/CX9300F
T0731N-T0734N for /T10/T20/T21/TX100/TX110/TX200/TX220/TX300F/TX400/TX410
T1031-1034 for T40W/TX600FW/TX550W/TX610
T1171/T0732N-T0734N for T23/T24/TX105/TX115
T0691-T0694 for NX400/NX105/NX200/NX300/Workforce 40/500/600/610
T0711-T0714 for S20/S21/SX100/SX110/SX200/SX209/SX210/SX400/SX510/SX410/
T0711-T0711 for SX610FW/SX205/SX215/SX105/ B40W/SX405 BX300F/BX310F/BX600FW
T0711-T0714 for BX610FW/BX450F/ D78/D92/DX4000/DX5000/ DX7000/DX7450//SX600FW
T1001-T1004 for SX600FW/SX510W

Combo chip for ciss V6.0N5 available for 5 color printer
T0731HN+0731HN+T0732N-0734N for T30
T1151+T1151+T0732N-T 0734N for T33
T0731HN+0731HN+T1032-T1034 for T1100/TX510FN
T1151+T1151+T1032 - T1034 for TX515FN
T0731+T0731-T0734 for C110
T0691+T0691-T0694 for WorkForce 30/310/315/1100
T0681+T0681+0692-0694 for C120
T0711H+T0711H+T1002-T1004 for B1100
T0711+T0711-T0714 for D120/SX410/SX510W

Auto reset chip ( ARC) available for Refillable cartridge
T0731-T0734 / T0731N-T0734N
T1031-1034 / T1171+T0732N-T0734N
T0821-T0826 / T0821N-T0826N
T0811-T0816 / T0811N-T0816N
T0691-T0694 / T0981-T0986
T0711-T0714 / T0801-T0806

Auto reset chip(ARC) for canon I
1.Model:PGI-5BK , CLI-8BK,C,M,Y,PC,PM,R,G is available.
2.Use for Canon IP4200/ip4300/ip3300/IX4000/IX5000/IP6600D/IP6700D/MP950
/.MP960/Pro 9000 ect.

Auto reset chip(ARC) for canon II
PGI-520BK/ CLI-521BK/C/M/Y for Europe
PGI-220BK/ CLI-221BK/C/M/Y for America .
PGI-820BK/ CLI-821BK/C/M/Y for Asia
Auto reset chip(ARC) for canon III
PGI-525BK/ CLI-526K/C/M/Y for Europe
PGI-125BK/ CLI-126BK/C/M/Y for South America
PGI-225BK/ CLI-226BK/C/M/Y for North America

Canon PF-03 chip resetter
Use for printer
Canon IPF6300 IPF6300S IPF6350 IPF6400 IPF6410 IPF6450 IPF6460
Canon IPF8300 IPF8300S IPF8310 IPF8310S IPF8400 IPF8410
Canon IPF9400 IPF9400S IPF9410 IPF9410S
The PF 03 can be reset the printhed PF04 PF05 to use on PF 03 printer
The PF 04 can be reset the printhed PF03 PF05 to use on PF 04 printer
The PF 05 can be reset the printhed PF03 PF04 to use on PF 05 printer

Chip resetter for Epson T6710 T6711 Maintenance Tank

Printer Compatibility:

Worforce pro WP-4015DN WP-4025DW WP-4095DN WP-4515DN

WP-4525DNF WP-4535DWF WP-4545DTWF WP-4595DNF

WP-M4015DN WP-M4595DN WP-M4525DNF WP-M4595DNF

WP-3010DW WP-3520DWF WP-3540DTWF WP-3620DWF

WP-3640DTWF WP-7110DTW WP-7610DWF WP-7620DTWF


Chip Resetter for Brother LC-223, LC-225 and LC-227 Cartridges.
Printer Compatibility:



J4720N DCP-J4120DW/J4220N-B/W


Cartridge Model :


Canon chip resetter for PGI 5BK and CLI-8 BK,C,M,Y
Canon chip resetter for PGI-520BK/ CLI-521BK/C/M/Y ( Europe Market )
Canon chip resetter for PGI-220BK/ CLI-221BK/C/M/Y ( America Market )
Canon chip resetter for PGI-525BK/ CLI-526BK/C/M/Y ( Europe Market )
Canon chip resetter for PGI-225BK/ CLI-226BK/C/M/Y ( America Market )
EPSON B300/500 Chip Resetter
use for EPSON cartridge model:
use for printer model:
Epson B300/B500DN/508.etc.
EEPSON 11800 Chip Resetter
Use for EPSON cartridge model:
Use for printer model:
Epson Stylus PRO 11880C /11880/PX2000 wide format printe

CHIP RESETTER For Epson 1281-1284/1291-1294 etc

SL368-II Chip Resetter
SL368 can be used on the following Epson printers:
Stylus Pro 7600, Stylus Pro 9600, Stylus Pro 10000, Stylus Pro 10000CF,

Stylus Pro 10600,Stylus Pro 4000,Stylus Pro4000HS,Stylus Pro 4800,

Stylus Pro 7800,Stylus Pro 9800,Stylus Pro 7400,Stylus Pro9400
Stylus Pro 3800/3800C Stylus Pro 4450C Stylus Pro4880/4880C Stylus Pro 7450/9450
Stylus Pro 7880/9880/7880C/9880C Stylus Pro11880/11880C etc.


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